First Impressions

August 25, 2015

My husband and I almost instantly fell in love with this property located in the 'Old Town' district of Hutto. As soon as we turned onto East Street, we were immediately drawn to the facades of the buildings, particularly the windows. The storefronts are so charming and we could not wait to get inside of one in particular. From the very second the previous owner opened the front doors to 111 East Street, we were immediately drawn to the exposed brick walls, the beadboard pine ceiling, the expanse of the space, and the possibilities it held. The floors, however, were less love upon first sight and more like a gradual get-to-know-you love. We were so anxious to peak under the carpet - yes, carpet! - to see if there were wooden floors underneath. We pulled up an area of the carpet, and, sure enough, there sat the original hardwoods, carefully preserved and making it clear that this was the space for us. Because these existing architectural features are what made us fall in love with the space to begin with, we will be preserving them as much as possible. The building was essentially in 'shell' form, so it was easy to maintain this main, open area and remodel the rear build-out area in a way that meets the functional needs of an operational event space. Goodbye wood paneling and hello wood floors! Now that we're settling in, we can't imagine this property being intended for anything but One Eleven East.