Demolition Recap

September 15, 2015

Our demolition process came with a flood of excitement heavily laced with shock. Wonderful shock. As wooden panels came down and unwanted carpet came up, we actually could see our vision for the One Eleven East start to play out. The transformation itself was the most unbelievable. With the same lovely historic accents and original parameters of the space, it’s amazing how much possibility you can create just by knocking down a couple structures and revealing a little more brick. Here are a few of our favorite changes along with some photos so you can see for yourself!

  1. The old bar is no more. We’re making way for a new bartending/catering area to accentuate the already-gorgeous arch (which we’ve revealed entirely by pushing back the upstairs room that used to cover it!).
  2. The frame of the upstairs area has also been completely demolished to allow us to rebuild a more friendly and comfortable space… you’ll just have to wait for our post on the remodel to see what we have in mind!
  3. The stairs have also been taken apart so that beautiful new ones can be installed and take up less of the floor space… the way we see it: the more floor space, the more fun to be had!

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