A Perfect Mess

October 27, 2015

In between the excitement of the remodel’s commencement and the joy of the drywall placement, we had a couple weeks that lacked a little in luster. This included a lot of installations that are pertinent to the space’s functionality, but are simply not as exhilarating to witness. If anything, watching the installations of electrical wiring, HVAC tubes, and plumbing makes the space seem like it's digressing into shambles with newfound piles of rubble, cords that stick out every which way, and obtrusive, metallic hoses that are impossible to avoid eye contact with. Though this is our natural and initial reaction, we obviously know that in reality, this is no digression. It is, however, a reminder that things have to get messy before they can get clean and therefore messes can be good. We all experience times when we’re messy, disorganized or seem as though we’re falling apart. The trick is to be content with these times, knowing they’ll make us stronger in the end, and focus on the joys of the present rather than the past or the future. Though One Eleven East lacked aesthetic appeal in the weeks between the initial remodel and the recent drywall processes, it is this time of imperfection that will ultimately shape the space into a better venue in the end—after all, you can’t have an event space without electricity, air conditioning, and running water!